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Control the house via smart TV

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In today’s technologically advanced times, you can control practically anything and everything. There are dozens of original and universally usable remote controls on the market, of course there is the computer, mobile phone or even a smart watch. You can also use wall switches with endless design options.

Do you miss television on this list? Yes, that’s no problem either! If you own a Samsung Smart TV, you can use the iNELS Home Control application to control your iNELS electrical installation comfortably from the couch of your living room, clearly on the large TV screen.

The primary prerequisite is to connect the eLAN smart box or the Connection server. You configure one of these system elements directly in the application. Both allow you to control the iNELS wiring, locally or via the Cloud.

You get control of all connected lighting, heating and air conditioning components, blinds, cameras and intercoms or third-party appliances through the application uploaded to Samsung Smart TV. Communication is, of course, two-way, which means that you can monitor the status of individual components, in addition, you get a real-time overview of energy consumption.

How does it work in practice? Imagine you are waiting for a visit. The preparation of snacks culminates when someone rings the doorbell. The intercom transfers the image directly to the screen and it is immediately clear whether it is the expected guest in the house or just an annoying neighbor. Then there is nothing easier than to open the entrance gate or door through the television and let the newcomer into the house.

Or are you planning a weekend trip? Connect via TV to the weather station, check the weather at the destination. And while you’re at it, you can adjust the irrigation of your lawn or vegetable garden, depending on the temperature and precipitation.

A popular application option is also to set pre-set scenes, which send different instructions to different groups of devices for different situations. For example, are you going away for the weekend? Directly set the ALL scene on the TV to Off – then with one instruction you will switch off all unnecessary appliances, reduce the heating output, switching off all lights.

But there are no limits to imagination. Are you going to watch a movie night with your beloved? Lower the blinds directly from the TV, reduce the lights to a minimum, play with the colour spectrum or just turn on the side LED strips. All this with a single command for the default scene. Let’s call it for example “movie night”.

This joint project from ELKO EP and Samsung has been running since 2014, when the first version of the iNELS Home Control application was created. Now its latest release has come to the fore, bringing a modernized design and new features. The application is fully compatible with the Tizen operating system used by Samsung televisions. The download is completely free. And it will bring you a lot of benefits.

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Date of publication: 23. 08. 2021


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